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A better more accountable government starts with the workforce

I've read all the posts thus far and secrecy, mismanagement, and information availability seems to be a recurring theme.


Most people fear what they do not know or understand. This is especially true when it comes to the federal workforce and technology. We finally have an Administration who is trying to get DOI into the 21st century but the public is still disappointed. They ask and for some reason we can't deliver.


Idea: Train employees both new and those with tenure on the latest technologies being used in DOI. Employees should know who to use their agencies' website software to update information, know what Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Web 2.0 and Social Collaboration is, and use the software on their PC (including the internet browser) at their desk proficiently.


DOI is trying to move ahead with a workforce that were at the top of their game 10 years ago. Technology changes every 12-18 months now. The entire DOI workforce needs to be brought up speed from the Managers and Directors at the top down to the employees in the field.



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