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Accountability within the Government

The program I work for is expecting a $13mil budget cut for FY11 based on the President's budget. There has been a lot of speculation as to the justification for why our funding is being reduced by almost 40%. In all reality, it is known that Obama is trying to cut back in government spending and reduce inefficient programs-- but that is not the case in this instance. The problem is that there has been no accountability for the reporting on the program, and inaccurate reporting at that. We all know that statistics can be swayed, and they have been used to show that our program is 98% complete-- when in reality, we are only roughly 50% complete (please allow 10% room for error in my statistics). I would like to see accountability placed upon the managers who are knowingly reporting false statistics so that they can receive a bonus at the end of the year-- instead of upon the 50+ employees that now have to look for another job. Thanks.



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