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Another Idea for Monitoring Wild Horses

For the sake of transparency, and as an alternative to live, streaming video, I would like the BLM to install video cameras at capture sites, and temporary and long-term wild horse holding facilities. These could be the types of cameras that monitor stores to prevent shoplifting, and are used by law enforcement and many others. This same type of system could be used on the helicopters.


I would much prefer live, streaming video, but, as has been pointed in several comments, it could be quite costly. Perhaps this idea might be an effective compromise.


Again, to allow for transparency, I would like the BLM to permit independent humane observers daily access to any and all sites where wild horses are captured and/or held, both long and short term, for the purpose of collecting and replacing recording media. Furthermore, I would like these same observers to be allowed to place their own security devices on the cameras to prevent damage or tampering. Perhaps those who collect the media would need to be bonded, but that is an easy process.


The independent observers could then view the recordings, and make them available on their websites and blogs. To be fair to both the BLM and the public, these tapes should remain UNEDITED. If the BLM objects to this process, perhaps direct copies could be made in the presence of representatives of both parties. Also, copyright issues would need to be agreed upon by both parties.


Unfortunately, there is always the problem of blind spots, but if enough cameras are placed properly, I think this might work. I believe there are cameras that can sweep an area, which would make monitoring even more transparent. Using solar power to run the cameras would bring down costs in the long-term, and eliminate the need to run power lines to the camera sites.


I realize this would involve privacy issues, but if there is no wrongdoing, there should be nothing to hide. I’m sure that retailers and many others, including the government, have already addressed privacy issues, and the BLM could model the monitoring on their policies.


I would like that the DOI to investigate these ideas on behalf of the BLM, make a complete report of their findings available to the public, and that the report, in its entirety, be posted on the BLM website.



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