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BLM statement: 600 wild horses remain on the Calco Complex

BLM annonced it had reached its goal of 6oo horses left on the range after the gather was completed-they said they had done a fly over to confirm that-immediately following the gather..I suggest to you, using your own protocols that I found on your website, that it was not possible to do so-given the fact they have to use the same co-ordinates, and the same flight patterns to determine such as well as individuals within the herd whos distinctive markings are used for identification purposes-(the BLM has stated " we cannot be sure if the black stallion-freedom has been recatured because at least 12 other black stallions are in the holding pen-apparently markings-do NOT allow for specific identification as stated in your own protocols)Horses would have been scattered and out of their normal pattern of ranges,some would have escaped-the whole ecosystem would have been turned upside down. I suggest to you..that the public has been misled to put it nicely. I would like to see a detailed report posted somewhere indicating you had followed your own protocols to determine that figure.



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