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"Under Bush, the Interior Department became a lawless bureaucracy that actively worked to enrich the nation's most powerful energy interests. Top-level officials secretly allowed oil companies to keep billions in royalties owed to taxpayers, opened up 26 million acres of federal land to oil and gas drilling, denied wilderness protection to another 220 million acres, rewrote scientific reports to eliminate safeguards for endangered species, and even snorted coke and had sex with the very oil interests they were supposed to be regulating. "It was Dodge City," says Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon who chairs the Senate Energy Subcommittee on Public Lands and Forests."

-"Obama's Sheriff" by Tim Dickinson,

Featured in Rolling Stone Magazine in 2009

If the Department of the Interior wants to have any credibility when it comes to accountability and transparency, then they need to make publicly available all information relating to crimes that occurred, misconduct within the agency, and what is being done to fix what happened in the Department of the Interior from 2001-2008 under Gale Norton and Julie A. MacDonald.


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    Include specifically investigation into BLM wild horse program - there is something that just does not add up over there.

    BLM asked wild horse supporter citizens, in a web site similar to this, for suggestions, then at a public meeting they trashed every singe one of them, without due respect or any acknowledgement that any further research will be done (the meeting can be found on-line through The Cloud Foundation website - watch it and come to your own conclusions.) BLM is not even allowed to talk to the citizens that attend, therefor there was no ability to point/counter point. I sure hope this DOI activity is not going to result in similar public trashing of all of us the same way.

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    Thats my Senator, Ron Wyden, and i love him dearly..don't hear that kind of praise for many senators these days..I am hoping he will take a look at the current administrators and their henchman who are draining the taxpayers of their hard earned dollars and giving us a daily headcount of dead horses at the fallon holding facility in Nevada..You are being paid by the taxpayer to manage..not destroy..I call it horsegate..and you're FIRED as trump would say.