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Foster the tribal member mentality at Interior

Good Morning,


I know not if this pertains or if it is within the scope of this.


I suggest we create a luncheon/ potluck each month for the Native American people that work within DOI in order to foster the tribal member mentality that we all come from.


I am new to this DC construct but I now understand why so many of my kinfolk return home and do not stay on working here.


Let me explain:


In our home setting we live and work in very close proximity to most all our relatives & our acquaintances, we attend ceremonies with most as well those that are Native American.


Upon this DC relocation, I know of very few Natives to interact with, know of zero ceremonies to attend, know of zero gatherings offered to Native Americans due to our collective or likewise mindedness.


In my previous employer, we had potlucks for b-days, employees joining or leaving, deaths or other significant life events within our ranks, of course plus the holidays.


I have seen only one event thus far and I only heard of it through the grapevine, I don’t know if I was invited.


It was so haphazard that a true quality experience was not possible.


I am asking for a once a month luncheon (potluck?) in a suitable environ to accommodate the number of Native Americans to attend.


We consider ourselves Native American accordingly.


Thus we can truly meet each other, enjoy our Native humor together, maybe network and possibly develop the caring lifestyle we left at our own tribal home settings.




Hoti’ hu ga

(Kenneth A. LeMieux)

Program Coordinator

Division of Workforce Development

1951 Constitution Ave. NW, MS-17-SIB

Washington, DC 20245


(Posted by the Moderator on behalf of Hoti' hu ga)



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