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Government regulated social and business networking site

After corresponding with people on this forum I was pointed in this direction which seems to be a means to the end that I was seeking. For those interested in this topic here is a good place to start.


A government regulated social and business networking site for the world to use, showcased across all federal and state agencies to promote corroboration among agencies and the public for mutual benefit.

This site will provide a permanent location for the exchange of ideas and information that is experienced with other social networking sites but all so provide a level of control and accountability to guide the activities in a productive manner.


The animosity of social networking sites degrade the credibility of the discussions and inhibit contribution for most government employees. It troubles me to see government agencies using sites like twitter and Facebook to corroborate under desperate circumstances with no guarantee of longevity. Familiarity and availability is the key to a productive environment and a stable platform that takes these key factors into account needs to be backed by the government.


When I think of this, socialism comes to mind so steps must be taken to insure capitalistic ventures will have a considerable avenue for development and contribution. Anyone who interacts with the government will want a personal account. Users will then index links to external commercial sites maintained by private industry. This will also be a big step in the direction of unified methodology for Indexing resources in the private and public sectors and providing an extraordinary level of communication between these resources.


Government email accounts have been used for conducting business for many years and it’s now time to take it up a notch and provide a new level of features and functionality to the world. The basic features would be like a business card/user profile and as legislation permits, new features of corroboration and project management can be added after extensive trials.


The consequence would be for sites like Facebook to be authorized for use via Government networks. We then would have to work with the developers to provide government portals where employees could register and policies could be applied to their accounts to limit restricted activities via government networks. This solution inevitably will be more complex and costly as these commercial sites evolve, change and disappear.


As an IT specialist for the National Park Service I have experience developing intranet sites of this nature but my users continue to ask for an avenue to provide content to the public in the same manner.

There are web development platforms have the features that could make this a turnkey reality… now all we need to do is choose the vehicle, start the engine and get every one on board.



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