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Idea for wild horse and burro program

Here's an idea concerning BLM's wild horse and burro program. Why not get congress to pass a national microchipping law for horses. All those individauls who own a horse have to get it micro-chipped and all those in the wild horse and burro program. That way they can be tracked with a digital profile that is located in the microchip. Very similar to the micro chips for dogs and cats. When the horse is bought or sold or adopted the data would be updated. Add GPS and hook it up to Google Earth and the Public could "see" their "wild" horse or burro anytime on the web.

Then when they are abandoned by their owner or run away into the "wild" and end up in the herds of the West and are rounded up by the wild horse and burro program you can call the owners and tell them to come get their horse. If they refuse charge them for room and board of their animal.

This would help in several ways. 1) lost horses could be returned to owners; 2) BLM would know what tax payer to charge for taking care of the horse; and 3) That most of the "wild horses and burros" are not really wild, but abandoned or lost and thus stray animals.

Then there would be data concerning the origin of these horses and burros.


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    ZThat large numbers of people are turning their horses out on public lands is a MYTH..Once in a blue moon you hear about it and they usually get caught..I live in heavy horse country with alot of public land and forest service land..there has been 3 cases in the last 3 years..all were caught..fact is very few of our domesticated horses would make it out there..they have lost the skills to survive..The horses that joined the wild horses were horses that ranchers ran out in open spaces-they were alot tougher to begin with and were familiar with the country and roughing it, can paw thru ice to find water and snow to find grasses..I have horses that stand around the pond waiting for me to break ice so they can have a drink.

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    vinny4az ( Idea Submitter )

    So what you're saying is that some of the horses now in the wild horse herds were in fact once the property of ranchers and not "truly wild." But now the BLM is taking care of these ranchers' property.

    So if horses were microchipped than the 2 types of horses would be identifiable. Those that have been living the wild life for generations and those that have come from ranchers and citizens in more recent years. DOI could then track and fund accordingly for the identified group.

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    No, Vinny, if you were familiar with the history of the wild horses and many of the historical events that have occured over the last 100 would realise public lands were in fact..public lands and not BLM, millions of wild horses roamed the country..Texas alone was said to have a million..ranchers claimed..for themselves the wild horses, because at that time ranchers raised herds of horses for their own personal use and profit, Colorado was settled by 2 brothers from texas who drove 3,000 head of horses and 1,000 head of cattle in to the now westcliff area..horses were as or more valuable than cattle..without horses you could not manage the cattle..All wild herds are genetically tested now for genes that trace back to spanish mustangs..none are pure..kind of like any genetic testing of an american citizen-we basically are feral and a non-native species..only known native species are the turkey and llama.But microchipping americans might be a more useful tool.

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    Vinny-who do you think domesticated horses descended from- Walmart?