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Marketing to High Schools, Community Colleges and Universities

Aggressively campaign to High Schools and Colleges twice each year. Once in the Fall and once in the Spring. This could become a partnership between the Department of Education and the Department of Interior. Thus creating more Department-to-Department cooperation and collaboration.


Send representatives from different Agencies to visit targeted High Schools and Colleges on a designated DAY, in a particualr State. (if not the same day, then within the same week, at least) to promote working for the Federal Government. We all know that the Federal Government needs more summer youth workers for fire prevention, trail maintenance, etc... and educated young people to fill the management gaps the Boomers are leaving behind.


The campaign would not just be a "job fair" style format. Although that may have worked in the past, and still may work in some instances; this campaign would educate young Americans about the Departments and Agencies within the Federal Government. There would not be a "booth" to approach... the Public Relations / Communications Division from each Agency would be "in your face" during a "sponsored" public forum that is going to happen anyway --- (i.e. High School Pep Assembly, College Basketball Game Half-time, etc.)


The Agency Representative would ask the students to become a "fan" on Facebook or other Social Networking tools available, to keep up to date, or search more information on "how to apply".


For example, open up a Q&A at a "DOI sponsored" Pep Assembly before the "big game" on Friday. Or, set-up a table at the Jr. College Basketball game after throwing BLM/BIA/USGS/MMS goodies into the crowd at half-time. Briefly discuss the importance and prestige related to working for Uncle Sugar. And/Or, a personal visit from the Assistant Secretary and/or Directors at a major high school/college within the State.


These marketing campaigns should be coordinated with all targeted schools within a specific State, one State at a time (specifically the 11 Western States). By focusing on a State-by-State campaign the proper State News coverage will help the Open Government campaign. The Evening News will then inform parents and grandparents that the DOI is campaigning to American Youth. By stretching each State campaign over a weeklong span, it is likely to receive news coverage from many forums.



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