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So I've been looking at all the agency Open web interfaces for my job. I absolutely LOVE the DOI because it runs some of the coolest programs in the country! I think you guys should exploit this through cool widgets (perhaps featuring cool scientific findings) and multimedia galleries with images and videos of places like the National Parks (because we could all use a 3-minute vacation in the middle of the day!).

Also, I was going through the "valuable datasets" and I feel like an interactive map hyperlinking to data on the datasets would be helpful, especially on the volunteer opportunities dataset. That particular data set is difficult to follow. And plus, it will make it more accessible for people like me who prefer to search by region, versus job title. Also, a map of the regions in the wildfire datasets would be helpful for interpretation.

Not to be a copycat, but NASA's open website is really fun, as is the new climate web portal from NOAA. DOI has just as much exciting stuff to share with the world, and it would be really fun to get to access it easily.

Good job so far!


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    Operative word here is: "cool"