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Observers are needed at Fallon...still

Our humane observer tells us that Sat is the last public viewing day that will be allowed at Fallon. She will NOT be granted access while studs are gelded. She will not be granted further access to those 30 horses that were left without water after their roundup.


I'd like the BLM (or those in charge) to wait on gelding. Why? Because there is a current lawsuit concerning the Calico roundup...If those horses get a reprieve they go back out to freedom. They shouldn't be gelded until there future is ascertained.


For the 30 horses left without water we want to be able to continue observing them.


Elyse as she says on her blog is a licensed court reporter. Her job is to obxerve and let people know what she is observing. She knows about ideminfacation (okay, I know I spelt that wrong). She could be of such value to EVERYONE (as in both sides of the arguement) because she knows how to seperate the agony of watching horse families be torn apart from observing things like is this is horse really thin? Respirations? etc.



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