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Paper usage in DOI and other Government Agencies Recycling Bin

I think we need to take a hard look at paper expenses and whether the government could start producing and making its own paper. I don't know how many millions we spend each year on paper, but I would think we could make our own paper and supply not only DOI, but all other government agencies. We have millions of acres of forest property in public domain, a portion of which we have to log every year to maintain healthy forests. Rather than try to sell this lumber to the private sector, then have them sell us back paper (the finished product) at a huge markup, why don't we cut out the middle man and do it ourselves.


There are probably a number of lumber mills shut down throughout the country (especially in the Pacific Northwest) that we could buy or lease at a fraction of the cost and start making our own product to service our own needs. There are several benefits:

1) We would not have to pay for the lumber, since we already own it. We would have to pay to log the acreage to get the lumber to the mill(s).

2) We would be putting idle lumber mills back into production and provide NEW jobs to municipalities that need it. These mills we could either buy or lease for pennies on the dollar, since I would assume many of these facilities have already been written off by paper companies.

3) Possiblity to have significant savings in the long run since we would have significant economies of scale due to the wide use of paper in DOI and all other government agencies.


Now, I don't know about the potential legal/political ramifications that would preclude the government from doing this, but I think it might be something that we should take a serious look at.



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