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Public Involvement with NEPA projects

The National Park Service has a web based NEPA public review tool/program called PEPC - Planning, Environment and Public Comment. This program is geared towards making all NPS NEPA Environmental Assessments (EA), and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) available for public review and comment. All NPS units use PEPC as the tool to make plans and impact analyses available for public review and the public can then comment on the web at the site. Or they can write letters or email the park about the plan/NEPA document. All parks when issuing EAs/EISs for public review and comment should make the PEPC web site avialable, along with any other form of availability.

The DOI should evaluate this tool and ensure that all DOI agencies utilize this or a similar tool for public involvement related to NEPA documents.


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    BLM has the ePlanning application that is intended to do most of what you are suggesting.

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    But why is the BLM using a different software system from National Perk Service when both do the job? I'm sure the 2 systems cost different and one is cheaper or one is better than the other. Why isn't DOI or just all the land agencies coming together and choosing just one system to use?

    By doing all the analysis and choosing the one that fits the best DOI and it bureaus would save money by not having IT have to support multiple systems, specialist writing the documents learn multiple systems and the public having to learn different systems on different websites for different bureaus within DOI and states.