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To give the people what they want when it comes to the Web

I see that lots of people what DOI and especially BLM to open up. They want phone lists, databases, and real time information about the Wild Horse and Burros program and Recreation sites all offered on the Web.


So here is the idea to accomplish all that. Change the way IT is done across DOI to allow for a better network configuration. DOI is not the CIA or the military and doesn't need to spend the money protecting data that is FOIAable and should be available to the public anyway. Protect the stuff that absolutely by law has to be protected, but leave the rest out there for all to see. This will allow DOI to finally have a web presence that allows streaming video, communication and collaboration across agencies, and websites with wigits that can display real time data to the public.


Till then you'll never be able to give the people what they want on the web. Oh and by changing the way DOI does IT DOI will save millions.



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