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I see most of the off topic ideas had the most votes and commentary. I guess the fact that they landed in the garbage heap tells us all we need to know about your intention with this website...


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    It's not so much what you say as how you say it. The DOI doesn't want to hear what you want stopped or changed, but how you suggest that be accomplished. If they, or any/all other government agencies, put up websites entitled "Share Your Comments On What's Wrong With What We're Doing & The Way We're Doing It?", all the webmasters in the country wouldn't be able to keep up with the response.

    Pleasure, you can kiss this "Idea" goodbye because it's a criticism and a question, but please know lots of other people share your frustration and would like to get some real answers and action on issues important to them.

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    This is for the Moderator/Webmaster. I'm not being critical of you or your judgement in moving Ideas to Off-topic. This site operates under protocols that we, as submittors, have agreed to abide by whether we fully understand them or not. You just enforce them. At least we still have access to the Off-topic section and most of the comments made before they "graduated" to Off-topic.

    I do find the use of the word "graduated" somewhat ironic. It's like On-topic Ideas are still stuck in high school, while Off-topic ideas have matriculated and are bound for Yale.

    Ain't semantics grand!

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    /Open [Interior Moderator]
    ( Moderator )

    Hi Linda,

    I'm with you there. The term "graduated" is built into the broader Ideascale system and won't be adjusted before our deadline. Please rest assured that this is on our list of things to try to tweak when we next use an ideation Web app.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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    pleasure_inc ( Idea Submitter )

    Sorry Linda, I expected this to get the Axe immediately..and am surprised it is still up...Those subjects were not moved because they were "off topic" they were on board for a month..people that wanted to comment on them have told me they can't find I came back to look..As a matter of fact I bugged DOI for a month for a forum where we could discuss these things-instead of Mr. Salazars facebook page. I was warned at the time by others it was a fruitless mission..that we are talking to the hand..but I wanted a paper trail to prove we came saw and commented.

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    /Open [Interior Moderator]
    ( Moderator )

    Hmm. It's possible that I could have made an error along the way. Which on-topic discussions are you referring to, that have been moved to off-topic?

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    pleasure_inc ( Idea Submitter )

    the 2 top ones had over 50 votes ea and 22 and 15 comments, most interest was in the WH&B program..And people offered suggestiontions- on for instance the use of web cams to allow access during the holding phase of the roundups..alot of ideas is what I understood this to be about.. I have more pressing research to do if you are just going to drop these in the wastebasket..I believe in the direct approach, not bootlicking.

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    /Open [Interior Moderator]
    ( Moderator )

    Hi P_I,

    Are you referring to this idea?

    "DOI- BLM round-ups and all facilities need 24/7 live webcams"

    It's still active. Try clicking on the "Most Popular" tab atop the idea listings. Our site defaults to "Most Recent."

    I have personally gone through the entire list of off-topic conversations (just finished about 30 seconds ago) and there's nothing in those 15 discussions about Web cams. Suggestions along those lines do exist, but are all in the live topics.

    As I mentioned before, I would be happy to fix any error; but I've looked through the off-topic lists and can't find what you're referring to. Please feel free to send a URL if you find that I have erred.

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    pleasure_inc ( Idea Submitter )

    I typed in Off Topic in the box 2 different days and those topics came up under the search..thats all I know...

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    /Open [Interior Moderator]
    ( Moderator )

    Ah, now I understand. That searched the on-topic discussions for the terms "off" and "topic." For the off-topic discussions, please click on the "Off-topic comments" link near the bottom of the left navigation, or use this direct link:

    I'm happy to learn that I haven't inadvertently shelved popular and meaningful discussions.

    Thanks for your help in clarifying the situation.