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Wild horses and burros

What happened to asking the horse people and organizations and burro sanctuaries as to the correct way to handle these issues instead of contractors who kill the horses with cowboy tactics in helicopters.... what happened to birth control for the animals... what happened to the laws that gave these animals safety... what happened to not allowing the cattle industry to use our public lands and wetlands and drive out our animals...


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    We forget that the "wild" horses are actually feral animals. As beautiful as they are, they are not native. The animals are descendants of horses which escaped from the first Spanish explorers of western North America. Unfortunately, these feral horses can be extremely destructive of lands they inhabit. In the process, they can severely degrade habitat and the suitability of that habitat for creatures that are native. Feral horses need to be maintained at a level that balances the needs of the habitat and native wildlife against further or continued degradation.

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    The wild horses are NOT feral animals, do your research, Too many people are under this false impression.

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    Apparently you are in good company as many people who do not keep up with current science, repeat the same phrase "feral" when there has been a scientific discovery of skeletal remains in the Yukon that has been genetically linked to the horse and predates human remains and prior to the ice age It took people along time to accept darwins theory of evolution as well. mr. salazar made a simular comment in the budget meeting on Mar 3, and we would love to be able to furnish him with scientific and archeological information to the contrary...but then he got his information from the senator from't live with it-can't live without it..

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    dave - the feral argument has really been run into the ground. Others have corrected you so I won't go there. I will point out, however, that if you feel non-native animals have no rights to the land, we need to get rid of all the cattle since they did not evolve on this continent. The science is in on the destruction caused by cattle grazing our lands.

    It's time to stop the years of uninformed prejudice against wild horses and start treating them equitably.