Working Together: Governments, Businesses, Non-Profits...

Working Together to Bring About Change

I would like increased collaboration and communication between the DOI and outside groups through inclusive, face-to-face roundtables and public "Town Halls". All recorded minutes and generated reports should be made available online. Live feeds and/or video capture and posting of special meetings and hearings would add transparency.


Each group has something to bring to the table. The DOI would speak to policies, legal framework, and mechanisims for change; business would contribute valuable ideas on innovation and market strategies; and non-profits would provide a real sense of grassroots issues and viewpoints.


Change is hard work. Change can be messy. Change threatens the status quo. AMERICANS CAN HANDLE CHANGE! We have never been afraid to put shoulder to the wheel, get our hands dirty, or, when the situation warrants, upset somebody's apple cart.


The will and work of the people make our country great. We deserve a government that reflects that will, and works to match that greatness.


DOI - please help put the "demos" back in "democracy"!



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