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use of LinkedIn by Interior emplyees

I have received inquiries about the use of LinkedIn from bureau employees.

When I looked into it I found that almost every Bureau and Service has a

page on LinkedIn and frequently hundreds of employees are listed as members

of LinkedIn. Yet there is no real policy that I have found. It seems that

while we don't block the use of LinkedIn we refrain from any official

approval. I suggest that LinkedIn could be used as part of an open

government iniative.

Dwight Petersen

Washington Office


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    Please explain "Linkedin" in layman's terms. As I have said before, we are not all familiar with IT language. I need to understand more about this before I make my vote.

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    Dwight Petersen ( Idea Submitter )

    I have no "authority" for this definition, but here is what I think: LinkedIn is a networking site just as Facebook and MySpace are networking sites. However, where Facebook/MySpace were loosely modeled after the student directories that some colleges used to publish, LinkedIn (although it owes somewhat to the same social networking models that inspired Facebook and Myspace) has an element of the "Thomas Directories" mixed it. This makes LinkedIn a bit of a personal business networking site. LinkedIn lacks a good many of the "features" of the social networking sites, meaning that, for example, while you can put a photograph on linked in, you cannot put albums of pictures or feature length home movies. Moreover, I have not seen any online games being played on LinkedIN. This lack of features makes for a more business like "ambiance".